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Monday, July 19, 2010

I Twitter her Yahoo and Google all over her Facebook.

Everyone is using it...And if you're not, you're "pound sound-sign" losing (#Losing). There's been an increase of users on every social media site on the web, but not everyone is using it or knows how to use social media to its maximum capabilities. I've done some research myself into how to make social networks work for you.

1. Free Advertising: If you're on twitter, facebook, etc., you all know that its an easy way to get your name out to friends, follower and/or whoever else happens to stumble upon it. Take advantage! Whether you're using it publicize for a professional event, student organization, or your lil' cousins birthday party get the word out to the people you want to be there. (I like to call this viral marketing.)

2. Meet new people. Twitter, Linked-In, etc, connects you to a whole world of people at your finger tips. Not everyone you are looking to meet, but some people may have something you want. I know your mom told you "not to talk to strangers", but in this case you might want to throw that rule out the window. Network, Network, and do some more Network. Meet people that will matter to you, that share some of the same interests, ideas, are in the same field of work. You never know how you can be benefit from a new friend, follower, or connection.

3. Build a name for yourself. You want to make sure that you are getting the word about who you are. A lot of people on these sites fail to fully fill out their profiles forgetting key information. You want to make sure you tell enough without telling too much. Learn to make people interest in what you have to say, what you're about to do, make them want to get to know you. Please remember to be yourself, you never want to sound too professional and legitimate because even in the professional world #Fake stinks!

4.Navigate Opportunities. There's a plethora of events happening in your area that you may not know of. Stay on top of whats going and see who's going to what. I personally use my twitter and FB to see what events of interest are happening in the area that may be able to attend. If key people are there, #WIT (we in there)! Use this for your advantage find out important news stories and etc. Social Networking sites can be your go-to place for the "know-how" and the "what's happenings" globally and locally!

5. Share and seek the knowledge. With all these people on these sites, there's tons of information shared by experts. Get to know these people and pick their brains, read their articles, follow their blogs, etc. In order to become more marketable and an expert in your own right one day, you must obtain this brain power from those notable in their field.

I hope these 5 tips are useful start to making social media work harder for you!


She likes them fast! I want one...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Surprise...You Win!

"The Roller Coaster. The Car rises slowly to the top, then suddenly hurtles you into space, whips you to the side, throw you up side down, in every possible direction. The riders laugh and scream. What thrills them is to let go, to grant control to someone else, who propels them in unexpected directions. What new thrill awaits them around the next corner?"

So here is the second piece to my mini-series of posts on this blog. The element of surprise!

When you think of being surprised there's an overwhelming amount of feelings present. You get anxious, nervous, excited, flustered, and an overwhelming feeling of suspense to just name a few. Surprises can be used in multiple ways such as to defeat, to thrill, and my favorite, to please (her).

The most important thing about trying  to do the surprise technique correctly and effectively is to make it work for you and the situation you are in. Not all surprises are the right type of surprises and you might not get the outcome you are looking for. This I can't explain, it's more trial an error than anything else. Just be cloaked and calculated and you'll be fine.

So the most important part of the surprise is not actually the surprise, its the climax (double entendre that!). So when you're trying to surprise someone (her) make sure the set-up to the surprise directly correlates with the outcome. No one likes to be kept in suspense with sub par ends. If you keep the them (her) yearning for the surprise and able to match the anticipation, my good friend you just won! No matter how old someone is, everyone loves a good thrill and surprise. So keep it interesting!

The reason why people (women) love surprises so much is because of the thought of being controlled. The willpower of humans are suspended when their (her) feelings takeover. We get this similar thrill when we watch a movie or read a thriller: we are asking the author or director of the movie to lead us to the end, not expecting, but anticipating every twist and turn along the journey.  The surprise creates a moment when people's (her) defense come down and new emotions (pleasure, happiness, excitement, etc.) can rush in. So make sure when they (she) reaches her climax, be there to meet them (her) and relish in the glories of job well done.

The reason to master the art of the surprise is prevent from being predictable. Being predictable will have you become boring.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Favorite Boondocks Episode of season 3

Ciroc and Krispy Kreme's pt.2

So seeing the attention the first title of the orignal post recieved (Chipotle and Kripsy Kreme's) it's is only right to bring a part two. I feel like I am going to make this another mini series, each post with just my personal thought and reflection.

But on to the purpose of this post...

So I went on another journey this past thursday afternoon. I skipped out on my #infamous (Chad voice) #GrownPeople #NapTime (the 5-7 hour time frame), but it was well worth it. During this walk with my bro (@mistajoseph), I discovered and realized a few things about my life.

On our mission we decided to stop in this suit shop. This elderly white man started to rap (converse) to us about his life growing up in New York and how everything was separated by race and ethnicity. I believe this conversation was just brought up because we were african-american males dressed in urban attire, but nonetheless his intentions of this conversation did not mean to cause us any harm. During the conversation we found out he was a tailor and made a promise to come back during the year to shop for suits and get our tailoring done there (up'n the professional swagger). Then we were #OnToTheNext

After the suit shop we stopped to pick up our choice adult drink of the summer, Ciroc. Vinny, the owner of the L-store (20&I), knows us as the ciroc-guys now. What can I say, but my palette has developed quite a taste for Ciroc Red-berry to be exact. After our purchase Vinny had mentioned to us that he was bar tending at a bar down the street and that he was going to give us a hook-up and get us in for free.

So after all these pit-stops we finally reach out destination Krispy Kreme's.

So the point of this post did not come until the walk home. I started to look at the interactions I made with random people differently. Everyone person I meet I start to look at as a potential person to network with. I was disappointed that I failed to have my business cards with me, but hey I know better next time. As I continue in the grand scheme of things, I start to embrace these strangers as possible new business ventures or potential clients. (Free-Lance event planner, you need something to happen holla at ME!)

So embrace the randomness, embrace the new people you come across in your life, and maximize everything that you come across.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

You must be Seductive, not Political...

"The summer storm.  The hot days follow one another, with no end in sight. The earth is parched and dry. Then there comes a stillness in the air, thick and oppressive - the calm before the storm. Suddenly gusts of wind arrive, and flashes of lightning, exciting, frightening. Allowing no time to react or run for shelter, the rain comes, and brings with is a sense of release. At last." - 1

Here's the first post of many that I will be posting about relationships (girlfriend/boyfriend, boss, best-friend, brother/sister and parent). This is tricky though. I am no expert, but I do feel that I am well-educated in the realm of dealing with them. I've seen the good, bad, ugly, and sometimes the in between when it comes to relationships.

So we all heard one or both of these sayings before: "Nice guys finish last" and "The early bird gets the worm" or something along those lines. I am actually not a favor of either those. Because honestly never do both of those really ever are the case. There's a fine line in between both of them, its actually an art to walk through this gray area and not be blurred in the confusion.

To get what you want I realized out of any relationship you have to take it. It is very rare that the person will volunteer their selves, vulnerability, etc. to you without some kind of chase. Whether you are looking for that raise, that respect, and/or those panties odd are you have to work it and make a calculated move.

Sometimes we often find ourselves at war with our own feelings from getting this task done. Being timid often times stops us from acting on our gut reaction. The issue with being timid, is that we aren't born timid. Timidity is a protection we develop as we grown older in society. We learn to be kind and polite, well at least on the surface ( we all know we be judgin' sometimes). So in a sense, after living years behind this veil, we lose the ability to be BOLD. Being timid in reality is actually being obsessed with the way other people see them; to put it blunt, self absorbed.

So you must be seductive, not political to get what you want sometimes. So throw out the chivalry, kindness, and coquetry. Be that "go-getta" that you were born into this world as. Be calculated though. No one likes some one who is too blunt. Develop the anticipation, the build up, the calm before the storm. Make it work.


1- Robert Greene Art of Seduction.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chipotle and Krispy Kreme's

So you're are probably looking at the title of the post thinking #WTF is he going to be talking about in this post. It is alright if you're lost by the randomness of this title. Like the randomness of the title, was exactly how I was feeling about these thoughts that were racing through my mind during this walk the other day.

Before the walk, I had chop't it up (casual conversation) with my bro. He was rapping (talking) to me about this kid we grew up with that we have not chilled with since 6th or 7th grade and how he saw him over the July 4th weekend.

This meeting prompted us to reflect on our past summers. And #damn we're getting old! We started to look at each summer as chapters in our lives, with each summer giving a name by the theme which described it best.  I am not going to list all of the summers, but the last three has had probably the biggest impact on my life. I would like to share the three with you all...

#Summer2008: The Wake Up- This was the summer after High School graduation. It was an amazing time. Party, Girls, and Good Times with my boys, #pause. Besides that, it was the first time I felt like an adult. I was paying for college, I had a job, unfortunately bills, but most of all I was laying out the foundations of my future. I was becoming a man. I had made the most important investment in my life to date, to attend college.

#Summer2009: The Life-  The summer after college I was in such a high point in my life. I was in my neo season (#shoutout to Spr09). I was just living the life. I had a part time job, traveling all over the states for free, and living with family in the district(for free!). I didn't care about much, I was really just cruising and having fun with the newly found #Phamily.

#Summer2010: The Come Up- Everything this summer has been designed around the goal of self-improvement. I am on my professional, health, and academic grind. Oh yea I'm definitely finding sometime to party as well. This summer has been a summer to remember already and it's still being written. #ShoutOut to 605(a) We Live!

So next time you think of something random things like Chipotle and Krispy Kreme's going together, embrace it. Its delicious "Food for Thought."


Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Hello. Goodmorning.."

Sometimes I feel like Diddy…

There are some people who love and adore me for my “hype”. The fact that I am about my business attracts some to me. Other times people get so offended just because they think I am full of my self. It’s sad that in a country where Capitalism is a lifestyle the wrong combination of actions will hold you captive, enslaved if you will, to the life that is conformity. So I'm going to leave you with a quote
"I'm not a "Business-Man"! I'm a Business, man! Let me handle by business...damn!

"From the windows to the wall..."

So I said I wasnt going to tackle polarized issues on my blog, but after having an in-depth conversation with one of my "Obama's" (shout out to Boondocks) I just had to write what was on my mind.

How responsible are lyrics to rap songs for problems in societal issues? Do we determine whats hot and what sells? Does rap perpetuate society in certain directions?

The blatant sexism in rap and hip-hop throughout the lyrics in the song, videos, and actions portrayed in the media. I am for one not going to be hippcrit and say that this is all bad because I do get caught up in some of the more ignorant songs of the day.

It should not be all surprising that Hip-Hop and Rap throughout the years have developed a quite large anti-fan base. The issue of hip-hop is not if- as it has evolved in the commercial arena over the past decade, but t promote sexist and less-than favorable images of black women as its main product. Unfortunately, hip-hop doesn't really care about sexual justice or gender equality for black women

Especially, with the Nicki Minaj wave going, what role do women play in Hip-Hop? I remembering watch the BET awards(which was surprisingly good this year) and hear her say "I do it for all the girls out there...". What has nicki minaj done for women? Or the bigger question, what is she going to do from here?

Welcome to DC. The home of the 30 min delay

So last night a group of friends decided to see the premiere of The Last Airbender (yes I'm a kid at heart) in 3D. After we saw the movie, which I do not recommend you seeing, we chilled out for a little bit because we knew it would be difficult trying to catch a ride with the let-out still being crazy. Also, we were on the hunt for a few "lemons" (gucci voice). was time for us to dip out and get back to campus (had work in the am). We made several attempts to catch a cab with no prevail. It got into the point where many of us actually blocked a lane trying to catch a cab, to only see the cab drive in the opposite lane to avoid us. The Black Man gets no slack in DC. Isn't my money just as good as everyone else's???

Funny thing though, most of the cab drivers passing us were black as well. Whatever happened to "helpin a brotha out"? I'm guessing they don't believe in that here in DC. So warning to my brother's out here: Plan 30 minutes in your time addition travel time if you plan on taking a cab.