Thursday, July 1, 2010

"From the windows to the wall..."

So I said I wasnt going to tackle polarized issues on my blog, but after having an in-depth conversation with one of my "Obama's" (shout out to Boondocks) I just had to write what was on my mind.

How responsible are lyrics to rap songs for problems in societal issues? Do we determine whats hot and what sells? Does rap perpetuate society in certain directions?

The blatant sexism in rap and hip-hop throughout the lyrics in the song, videos, and actions portrayed in the media. I am for one not going to be hippcrit and say that this is all bad because I do get caught up in some of the more ignorant songs of the day.

It should not be all surprising that Hip-Hop and Rap throughout the years have developed a quite large anti-fan base. The issue of hip-hop is not if- as it has evolved in the commercial arena over the past decade, but t promote sexist and less-than favorable images of black women as its main product. Unfortunately, hip-hop doesn't really care about sexual justice or gender equality for black women

Especially, with the Nicki Minaj wave going, what role do women play in Hip-Hop? I remembering watch the BET awards(which was surprisingly good this year) and hear her say "I do it for all the girls out there...". What has nicki minaj done for women? Or the bigger question, what is she going to do from here?

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