Monday, July 12, 2010

Surprise...You Win!

"The Roller Coaster. The Car rises slowly to the top, then suddenly hurtles you into space, whips you to the side, throw you up side down, in every possible direction. The riders laugh and scream. What thrills them is to let go, to grant control to someone else, who propels them in unexpected directions. What new thrill awaits them around the next corner?"

So here is the second piece to my mini-series of posts on this blog. The element of surprise!

When you think of being surprised there's an overwhelming amount of feelings present. You get anxious, nervous, excited, flustered, and an overwhelming feeling of suspense to just name a few. Surprises can be used in multiple ways such as to defeat, to thrill, and my favorite, to please (her).

The most important thing about trying  to do the surprise technique correctly and effectively is to make it work for you and the situation you are in. Not all surprises are the right type of surprises and you might not get the outcome you are looking for. This I can't explain, it's more trial an error than anything else. Just be cloaked and calculated and you'll be fine.

So the most important part of the surprise is not actually the surprise, its the climax (double entendre that!). So when you're trying to surprise someone (her) make sure the set-up to the surprise directly correlates with the outcome. No one likes to be kept in suspense with sub par ends. If you keep the them (her) yearning for the surprise and able to match the anticipation, my good friend you just won! No matter how old someone is, everyone loves a good thrill and surprise. So keep it interesting!

The reason why people (women) love surprises so much is because of the thought of being controlled. The willpower of humans are suspended when their (her) feelings takeover. We get this similar thrill when we watch a movie or read a thriller: we are asking the author or director of the movie to lead us to the end, not expecting, but anticipating every twist and turn along the journey.  The surprise creates a moment when people's (her) defense come down and new emotions (pleasure, happiness, excitement, etc.) can rush in. So make sure when they (she) reaches her climax, be there to meet them (her) and relish in the glories of job well done.

The reason to master the art of the surprise is prevent from being predictable. Being predictable will have you become boring.

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