Thursday, July 8, 2010

You must be Seductive, not Political...

"The summer storm.  The hot days follow one another, with no end in sight. The earth is parched and dry. Then there comes a stillness in the air, thick and oppressive - the calm before the storm. Suddenly gusts of wind arrive, and flashes of lightning, exciting, frightening. Allowing no time to react or run for shelter, the rain comes, and brings with is a sense of release. At last." - 1

Here's the first post of many that I will be posting about relationships (girlfriend/boyfriend, boss, best-friend, brother/sister and parent). This is tricky though. I am no expert, but I do feel that I am well-educated in the realm of dealing with them. I've seen the good, bad, ugly, and sometimes the in between when it comes to relationships.

So we all heard one or both of these sayings before: "Nice guys finish last" and "The early bird gets the worm" or something along those lines. I am actually not a favor of either those. Because honestly never do both of those really ever are the case. There's a fine line in between both of them, its actually an art to walk through this gray area and not be blurred in the confusion.

To get what you want I realized out of any relationship you have to take it. It is very rare that the person will volunteer their selves, vulnerability, etc. to you without some kind of chase. Whether you are looking for that raise, that respect, and/or those panties odd are you have to work it and make a calculated move.

Sometimes we often find ourselves at war with our own feelings from getting this task done. Being timid often times stops us from acting on our gut reaction. The issue with being timid, is that we aren't born timid. Timidity is a protection we develop as we grown older in society. We learn to be kind and polite, well at least on the surface ( we all know we be judgin' sometimes). So in a sense, after living years behind this veil, we lose the ability to be BOLD. Being timid in reality is actually being obsessed with the way other people see them; to put it blunt, self absorbed.

So you must be seductive, not political to get what you want sometimes. So throw out the chivalry, kindness, and coquetry. Be that "go-getta" that you were born into this world as. Be calculated though. No one likes some one who is too blunt. Develop the anticipation, the build up, the calm before the storm. Make it work.


1- Robert Greene Art of Seduction.

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