Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to DC. The home of the 30 min delay

So last night a group of friends decided to see the premiere of The Last Airbender (yes I'm a kid at heart) in 3D. After we saw the movie, which I do not recommend you seeing, we chilled out for a little bit because we knew it would be difficult trying to catch a ride with the let-out still being crazy. Also, we were on the hunt for a few "lemons" (gucci voice). was time for us to dip out and get back to campus (had work in the am). We made several attempts to catch a cab with no prevail. It got into the point where many of us actually blocked a lane trying to catch a cab, to only see the cab drive in the opposite lane to avoid us. The Black Man gets no slack in DC. Isn't my money just as good as everyone else's???

Funny thing though, most of the cab drivers passing us were black as well. Whatever happened to "helpin a brotha out"? I'm guessing they don't believe in that here in DC. So warning to my brother's out here: Plan 30 minutes in your time addition travel time if you plan on taking a cab.


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