Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ciroc and Krispy Kreme's pt.2

So seeing the attention the first title of the orignal post recieved (Chipotle and Kripsy Kreme's) it's is only right to bring a part two. I feel like I am going to make this another mini series, each post with just my personal thought and reflection.

But on to the purpose of this post...

So I went on another journey this past thursday afternoon. I skipped out on my #infamous (Chad voice) #GrownPeople #NapTime (the 5-7 hour time frame), but it was well worth it. During this walk with my bro (@mistajoseph), I discovered and realized a few things about my life.

On our mission we decided to stop in this suit shop. This elderly white man started to rap (converse) to us about his life growing up in New York and how everything was separated by race and ethnicity. I believe this conversation was just brought up because we were african-american males dressed in urban attire, but nonetheless his intentions of this conversation did not mean to cause us any harm. During the conversation we found out he was a tailor and made a promise to come back during the year to shop for suits and get our tailoring done there (up'n the professional swagger). Then we were #OnToTheNext

After the suit shop we stopped to pick up our choice adult drink of the summer, Ciroc. Vinny, the owner of the L-store (20&I), knows us as the ciroc-guys now. What can I say, but my palette has developed quite a taste for Ciroc Red-berry to be exact. After our purchase Vinny had mentioned to us that he was bar tending at a bar down the street and that he was going to give us a hook-up and get us in for free.

So after all these pit-stops we finally reach out destination Krispy Kreme's.

So the point of this post did not come until the walk home. I started to look at the interactions I made with random people differently. Everyone person I meet I start to look at as a potential person to network with. I was disappointed that I failed to have my business cards with me, but hey I know better next time. As I continue in the grand scheme of things, I start to embrace these strangers as possible new business ventures or potential clients. (Free-Lance event planner, you need something to happen holla at ME!)

So embrace the randomness, embrace the new people you come across in your life, and maximize everything that you come across.


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